Bespoke marketing playbooks for early-stage B2B SaaS founders and leaders

“Usually, in fact, hiring your first salespeople won’t really help in sales until there are enough leads that the founders just don’t have time. "

- Jason M. Lemkin, SaaS Founder, Enthusiast & VC

You built it and they are coming. You're getting a steady stream of leads and doing founder-led sales. You start thinking that maybe it's time to hire your first sales reps, or you already have one or two to start growing your revenue.

That sounds great, but chances are you don't have enough leads yet. And new reps won't grow your sales with your existing lead volume. Furthermore, they don't know the product as well as you do, so your sales might even suffer.  

How do you get from 20 to 40 leads, from 40 to 100, and from 100 to 200, and more (much more)? SEO? Outbound? LinkedIn? Paid media? Events? How do you do it efficiently without burning money? What makes the most sense for your GTM motion? 

What is a lead anyway? MQL, SQL, PQL, a signup, a meeting booked…? 

If these questions are familiar, you have a marketing problem.  

Okay, so who do you hire first? A VP of marketing, a product marketer, a growth person, a PPC specialist, a content marketer or a demand-gen specialist? 

Most marketers will be biased toward their field of expertise even if it doesn't make sense for your growth model and GTM strategy – i.e., “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will start treating all your problems like a nail.” 

Most senior leaders have been doing people management for far too long (and thus have lost their strategic edge). And marketing at a well-established brand with resources is a totally different ball game vs. an early-stage business where you have to be scrappy, where you have limited data and resources, and lack clarity on product-channel fit and even product-market fit. 

Plus, how do you convince a really talented and capable marketer, with a solid background and who's a great fit for you, to work at your early-stage company? 

Time is valuable and you can't afford to make too many mistakes. You can't afford a mis-hire (which is so easy to do). Because unlike sales, most marketing will take a bit longer to start generating results (unless you are willing to spend a lot of cash). So the wrong person can easily set you back ~12 months. 

Agencies will only help you so far (most simply are not good).  

Sounds like you? Keep reading.

Close the gaps, de-risk your marketing and get a surplus of leads

Let's work together to get you to a place where you have a surplus of leads and solid marketing foundation.

You know how marketing contributes to your growth. What channels make the most sense for your growth model. Who to hire… And you know what your next 1–3 biggest growth opportunities are . 

I'll help you de-risk your early-stage marketing, and get clarity about where to invest your resources. 

What you get

  • Marketing playbook (tailored to your uniqueness).
  • A high-level roadmap for the next 12 month.
  • 90-day tactical roadmap
  • Help with recruiting a founding team.
  • Help with sourcing and picking agencies and partners. 
  • Weekly calls to strategize & ensure we’re on track.

Unlike most alternatives, this playbook is tailored to identify and emphasize your core strengths and is rooted in hard-earned lessons, which allows you skip a year or two of trial and error.

Ideal fit

  • Seed → Series A and <$2M ARR B2B SaaS 
  • Sales led or product led
  • Looking to grow to >$10M+ ARR

Who's behind this?

  • A decade of experience in growth and marketing. Big wins and big flops. 
  • Hundreds of experiments across multiple surface areas. 
  • Managed six-figure budgets (and, indirectly, seven-figure budgets).
  • Worked in-house and on the agency side (know well how to select the right ones and get the most out of your partners). 
  • Tripled conversion rates, scaled traffic, and increased revenue x10. 
  • Brought dead products back to life, successfully revamped GTM plans, and more.  
  • Made many, many, many mistakes. 
  • Been mentored by and worked closely with some of the best minds in the industry (Reforge alumni, CXL, and more).

What makes me unique?

  • I started my career doing CRO for eight-figure DTC brands and transitioned to high-growth B2B SaaS. 
  • Founding marketer at Lokalise. Revenue grew from $2M ARR to $20M ARR (Series A, Series B, marketing team grew to 30+ people)
  • Brands I've helped grow: Lokalise, Quimbee, Ahrefs, Isolta, Baseballism, Athletic Greens, and many others.
  • Strengths: demand gen + capture, inbound, outbound. 
  • Top skills: CRO, experimentation, content, social, paid media (specifically LinkedIn), SEO (know enough to have a significant impact).


  • Enough experience to think strategically and tactically.
  • Perpetual student. Love to get my hands dirty. Not lost in people management.
  • Entrepreneurial-minded with a high Figure Shit Out (FSO) quotient (have been a founder, am a founder now).
  • I built products, done sales, lost money, made money (I 'get' it).


  • The purpose of marketing is to maximize opportunities. 
  • Over reliance on paid channels (paid, outbound) is a fragile game but a great way to gain traction or amplify existing strengths.
  • Distribution is a moat, so you need to build it from day one.
  • Copying other playbooks is a great way to become mediocre (but a good way to get early wins).
  • Marketing will become the one last true competitive advantage (in the next few years).

What I don't advocate for

  • Pumping money into ads to hit a monthly target.
  • Churning out poor SEO content.
  • Gated ebooks (in most cases).
  • Running the same playbook everyone else is running.
  • Running A/B tests before you are ready.

What others say

"One of Lokalise’s values is “Take ownership. Optimize for impact”. Emils was one of the people who embraced and lived by this statement.

He was the first marketing hire in Lokalise and played an integral part in laying the foundations that helped us to get from $2M ARR to $20M ARR.

I was lucky enough to work closely with Emils and learned a lot about marketing, growth, experimentation, and many other things."

- Alex Pereverzevs, Product Lead at Lokalise
"Emils did a good job on identifying opportunities and helped us more than double our conversion rates and revenue."

- Matt Sellers, CEO at Quimbee
"Without Emils we wouldn't have been able to achieve the growth we’re seeing now.

He’s a great ‘virtual team member’. Always easily reachable, systematic, competent, results oriented and reliable. Just easy to work with. Would definitely recommend working with him.”

- Mikko Ilomäki, CEO at Isolta
"Emils used to be our go-to CRO guy. He ran multiple conversion optimization projects that resulted in 6-7 figure lifts for our client’s DTC businesses.”

- Giles Thomas, CEO at Whole Design Studios
"Throughout the years, I have worked with over 50+ B2B SaaS marketers and I have always found it difficult to find true full-stack growth marketers. If I can say one thing for certain about Emils, it is that he fits that description and is a “true” and experienced full-stack marketer.”

- Kayan Mashi, Marketing Leader at Lokalise
"His strong analytical skills and ability to use data to inform decision-making were particularly impressive.

Emils is looking at growth from a strategic perspective - looking into data to find current constraints and upcoming growth horizons to plan the journey beyond the current ceilings. 

He is a talented growth professional and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to drive growth for their business”

- Kuba Nowak, Senior Product Manager at Playbook

Next steps 

Interested in working together? Want more details? Let's start with a free strategy call to see if we're a good fit. 

  • There’ll be no commitment or obligation to use my services. Even if we are not a good fit, I can share my experience and give you some tips. 
  • Pricing is hidden. Yes. I'm not a product you can play around with before deciding (you can talk to me though). As a substitute for ungated product experience, you can read my articles or check my background on LinkedIn
  • It will cost you less than a VP of marketing. It's pay as you go, with no long-term commitment. Pause or cancel anytime (no hard feelings).